Constantly Varied

We believe through constantly varying movements, the body never becomes adapted to a routine. While some movements remain the same such as squats, the order of movements, repetitions to be completed and distances to be covered in a given time frame will always be different. This is what will set you up for success.

Functional Movements

Squatting = Sitting and Standing, Deadlift = Picking an object off the floor. These are functional movements and we don't shy away from them. We embrace them as the are the core of how we are humans function in our daily lives. We believe that through functional movements we are able to move large loads, long distances quickly and efficiently.

High Intensity

Higher intensity equals higher results. The longer you are able to maintain high work capacity, with control and efficiency the quicker you will yield the desired result. We love to work hard, play harder and enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

CrossFit is exactly this, we constantly vary as many movements in endless combinations, execute them at high intensity for best results and use functional movements that allow us to become better versions of ourselves. Does this sound intimidating? Of course it does, but we understand that! Understand that CrossFit is for everyone of all ages and anyone looking to make a lifestyle change. Everything is scalable to everyone and their personal needs which means we will adapt to your fitness level.


Effort Required

Hours Worth of Classes

Sqft. Facility

Common Goal: Leave Better Than Yesterday

Other Services

Personal Training

We offer 1-on-1 personal training sessions. All sessions are 60 minutes

Nutrition 101

Get a personalized 6-week nutrition plan with the proper support for your need for success.